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Assessment and Therapeutic Services

Psychological Assessments

Psychological Sciences Institute approaches assessment using a developmental neuropsychological methodology; i.e. understanding behavior by understanding the nature of how brain-behavior relationships change with development across the lifespan.

Understanding behavior is a complex process and we are aware of the need to evaluation the "whole person" -- the biological, emotional, and spiritual sides of each individual in order to determine what factors may be contributing to the development of a problem.

In addition to conducting assessments for specific psychological disorders, PSI offers these additional assessment services:

Therapies and Mediations

Upon diagnosis, PSI can assist with the following treatment methods:

Allied Health Services

PSI works with Kidz Therapy, which provides Occupational Therapy, Speech and Physical Therapy services at our Johns Creek/Duluth location.

Other Services

We have a network of health providers that we refer which provide the following services:

For more information on the services above, please complete the request form and someone from our staff will contact you within 24 hours.

QEEG Database Interpretation Services

PSI can produce Quantitative EEG Reports for practitioners. We produce neurometric analysis reports within 72 hours from either raw data or NxLink output.

Parenting Sessions

Parents with children needing behavior management can get assistance from our ADD/ADHD group parenting sessions, held weekly in the Johns Creek office.

Educational Tutoring and Learning Assistance

We can develop an individual educational plan for students of all ages, and provide tutoring and other assistance to help your child do better in school