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Quantitative EEG Reports

QEEG Database Interpretation Services

PSI offers QEEG interpretation services to practitioners. QEEG interpretation compares the digital results of a quantitative EEG to a normative database and/or appropriate clinical databases. These comparisons enable the practitioner to confim the role of orgnicity in the presentation of abnormal behaviors and helps confirm diagnoses. Additionally QEEG data files and interpretive reports can help in making treatment decisions such as the use of psychopharmaceutical agents or in the choice of neurofeedback protocols.

We use a method of quantitative EEG analysis known as Neurometrics, which was was developed, verified and validated by Dr. E. R. John and his associates at the Brain Research Laboratory of New York University Medical Center. Hundreds of variables regarding brain function are analyzed in the context of other history and clinical information in order to provide the fullest range of diagnostic and therapeutic considerations.

Our board certified professionals can produce an interpretive neurometric analysis report, and make it available to you online within 72 hours of online submission. We can generate an interpretive report from raw data or from data output from NxLink software (at a reduced cost).

Complete Quantitative EEG Analysis Over the Internet

After you register with us, we will send a confirmation email containing a password protected web address that you can use to upload your patients' EEG data files. Within 72 hours, we process your data, create an interpretative report, and upload it to your custom web address. You can then use your browser to download the finished report.

We invite you to compare the QEEG interpretation services offered by PSI with similar services offered by other organizations. All our reports use multivariate neurological or psychiatric discriminants, including ADD and ADHD, brain injury, schizophrenia, and drug or alcohol abuse. We also provide additional information, including medication and neurofeedback protocols, in all our reports.


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