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Quantitative EEG Reports

Compare the services that PSI offers compared to other providers of QEEG brain scan analysis. We think that you'll find the EEG data interpretation services provided by Psychological Sciences Institute give you the most comprehensive reporting, with the fastest turnaround time, at the lowest price.

Service PSI QEEG / EEG Services Other Service Provider
Uses Published Normative Database Yes
Offers Choice of Databases Yes
Provides qualitative review of EEG Yes
Provides Normal Discriminants Yes
Provides ADD/ADHD Discriminants Yes
Provides LD Discriminants Yes
Provides Depression Discriminants with Unipolar versus Bipolar distinction Yes
Provides Dementia Discriminants Yes
Provides Schizophrenia Discriminants Yes
Provides Head Injury Discriminants Yes
Provides Alcohol/Drug Abuse Discriminants Yes
Provides Neuropsychological Correlates Yes
Provides Medication Protocols Yes
Provides Neurofeedback Protocols Yes
Report Generation in 72 hours Yes
Provides all of the above in One report Yes
Uses Board Certified Professionals Yes
Cost for ALL of the Above: $200.00