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Our Program

Our approach at PSI is to try to provide comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessment services.  In order to understand the processes at work that undermine the performance and self-esteem of the patient, we work to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Evaluations include test administration, scoring and interpretation, written report generation, and a face to face feedback session.

Typically an intake history session is scheduled prior to choosing the tests needed for the age appropriate and problems presented. If other information is available bringing this to the initial session will aide in the decision of what is needed.  Test proposals are given at that session. Each client is treated according to their specific needs.

Types of testing include but are not limited to:

After testing has been completed, a report feedback session will be scheduled with the family or guardian and the results of the findings will be discussed. The family will be given advice on how to correct or address the findings and if need be, which proper therapy may be applied. All is under one roof. A written formal report will be given to the family which may be distributed to the schools, employers, or other doctors.

The dedication is to provide all with the proper treatment for better living.