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Our Partners:

Kidz Therapy Networks

Kidz Therapy Networks, Inc.

Kidz Therapy Networks, Inc. are Sensory Integration Specialists Center providing quality services for children with special needs. We are committed to providing quality therapeutic services through professional intervention with integrity and compassion creating an environment where each child and family's specific goals and needs are met.

Alexsander AcademyAlexsander Academy

At Alexsander Academy, we know children do not fit into a "one size fits all" type of curriculum. It is our responsibility to help our students identify their own learning style and incorporate that into their own individualized curriculum. Alexsander Academy is a place where all children are academically challenged regardless of the "differences" they may have.

Natural Health Options

Alison Brooks: RRT, ND
Alison is a Doctor of Naturopathy.

Post University of Florida, Alison continued her schooling in the intensive Respiratory Therapist program.  After graduating in 1979, she then passed the National Boards for Registry and became one of an elite group credentialed as a Licensed, Registered Respiratory Therapist.  She worked 18 years in the profession, several of those years at the teaching hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami as a staff therapist specializing in Medical Intensive Care (respiratory management of severely compromised cardio/respiratory patients).

While working in the conventional medical setting, she became interested in alternative practices and pursued licenses and certifications in many complementary modalities that she now uses as aides to discover the ‘root cause’ of chronic issues (see details )

For the past several years in GA, Alison has been the Naturopath affiliated with the Psychological Sciences Institute (PSI) in Suwanee, Georgia where she has been successful in bringing adult clients and autistic children (children on the spectrum) back on the road to health. She is a strong proponent for specific functional (bio-medical) lab testing as a baseline tool to determine imbalances in the body.
She recently authored and published the book “How We Can Stop Promoting Autism in Our Children”.

Working, now, at two locations and under the umbrellas of PSI and Acupuncture Atlanta, she designs customized nutritional and supplemental programs based on detailed test results.