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Neurotherapy as a Treatment Tool

Neurotherapy, sometimes called Neurofeedback or EEG Biofeedback, gives the individual a tool with which to change various types of electrical activity in the brain. Research has shown that brain waves in individuals with ADD/ADHD contain excess slow waves (theta) and not enough fast waves (beta) or other types of wave imbalances. These imbalances in electrical activities actually reflect imbalances in neurochemical activity in the brain.

Neurotherapy provides methods of stimulation and training which corrects electrical activity imbalances and often has an effect to influence neurochemical activity resulting in improved functioning.

This is accomplished by utilizing a computer-based EEG monitoring system that processes signals from the brain and gives the individual immediate feedback by means of video and audio signals.

  • Improved learning and listening skills
  • Improved behavior and school grades
  • Improved ability to follow through on tasks and assignments
  • Significant improvement in test scores

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