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Individual Therapy

There are a number of situations that require one-on-one individual counseling or therapy. Often matters dealing with stress reactions, grief, depression, anger management, socialization, or other aspects of personal management of one's behaviors can be assisted with a variety of techniques.

Sessions are typically about 1 hour, but the actual time may vary depending on the circumstances as well as the agreed upon procedure between you and the therapist.

Our special services such as Neurotherapy and Special Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy are conducted as individual therapy sessions (typically for one half hour at a time).

Following an initial intake session, you may be referred to one of our doctors specializing in the type of services you may require. The doctor recommended will often call and talk with you to introduce him or herself and confirm a date and time to meet.

One of the advantages of a group practice is that sometimes, when a mismatch between a client and the doctor occurs, we are able to offer another therapist that may be a better match.