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According to WHO (1986), since the 1970's,

" has become evident that low level exposure to certain toxic agents can produce deleterious effects that may be discovered only when appropriate procedures are used. Where there are still large scale poisonings, concern has shifted to the more subtle deficits that reduce functioning of the nervous system in less obvious, but still important ways, so that intelligence, memory, emotion, and other complex neural functions are affected.... is not known how often insidious problems of neurotoxicity may lie undetected because effects are incorrectly attributed to other conditions or misdiagnosed. The early and incipient stages of intoxication produces by environmental agents are frequently marked by vagueness and ambiguity....thus the potential is large for the occurrence of subtle, undetected effects, which nonetheless have an important bearing on the quality of life."

PSI will screen for possible toxin contributions to behavior problems. We work with physicians specializing in environmental medicine to further evidence the nature of toxin effects with what is often a commensurate effect on immune system functioning. Changes which occur systemically in the body have effects on behavior and brain function in a number of ways. PSI believes that this needs to be taken into considerations when looking at an number of disorders.