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Educational Assistance

School Shouldn't Be Traumatic

Is your child . . .

No matter whether your child is in pre-school or entering college, the time for action is now. These challenges can be overcome with the right diagnosis and treatment approach; few disappear magically without intervention.

PSI Can Find Neuropsychological Disorders that Prevent Educational Success

Most educational resource services do not concern themselves with the functional impairments or weaknesses getting in the way of reading or writing skills. PSI is a comprehensive psychological services group that provides neuropsychological and brain functional evaluations to help identify possible functional weaknesses which may affect learning performance.

Once the problems are identified, these functional weaknesses can be remedied through our in-house and affiliate therapy services. We then use our educational consultants to help each student "catch up" without further delays.

Our Services Can Help Your Child Do Better in School

PSI provides tutoring and instructional assistance, including helping the student develop learning organizational skills and studying skills using state-of-the-art techniques. We can conduct an Individual Educational Plan review with your school system. We offer on-line e-mail assistance, information for using web based tools and services, and are available for direct instruction within 15 minutes of your home. For all services, we provide ongoing measurement of progress. We focus on building student independence and self-reliance.

Educational Assistance is Provided in the Following Areas:

Reading, Language and Literacy

  • Early assessment and intervention---before the problems become overwhelming
  • Phonemic awareness and phonics/decoding training
  • Fluency training
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Vocabulary skill building
  • Writing skills, practice, and strategies
  • Oral expression


  • Calculation and reasoning
  • Ongoing skills assessment
  • Strategies to improve efficiency and accuracy

Study Skills and Organizational Strategies

  • Students learn independence by learning a metacognitive focus
  • Solutions-oriented, real-life approach
  • Strategies to use at home and at school

For more information on how we can help your child improve their learning abilities, feel free to contact us, or call 678-749-7600 ext. 1.