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PSI Patient Services

Is your child experiencing difficulty learning? Find out how our Learning Evaluation and Assistance Services can identify and help treat psychological disorders that can affect school performance.

PSI offers parent training and group services for families living with ADD/ADHD.

Brain Mapping can assist in the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, dementia, brain injury, and other conditions.

PSI Professional Services

Our QEEG Database Interpretation Services produce neurometric analysis reports for practitioners.

PSI conducts forensic psychological evaluations in medical malpractice, criminal cases, personal injury, and workmans compensation.


Psychological Sciences Institute (PSI) is a private psychological service corporation affiliated with Mind and Motion Centers of Georgia with a mission to provide high quality services to a diverse population in metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

PSI specializes in neuropsychological services incorporating standardized psychological tests and computerized functional brain assessment techniques.

PSI has a philosophy that by providing comprehensive assessments up front, improved individualized treatment plans can be implemented.

Neuropsychological services are provided for areas such as

PSI implements state-of-the-art instruments and intervention techniques to offer a wide array of options to the consumer. PSI also has a commitment to research and has been engaged in contributing to the understanding of human behavior and techniques to improve the assessment and treatment of psychological problems.

PSI has its central office in Johns Creek/Duluth near the corner of West Gwinnett, North Fulton, West Dekalb, South Forsyth, and East Cobb counties, along with mobile services which can provide evaluation services anywhere in the United States.